St. Magnus Cathedral - Community

cathedralSt Magnus Cathedral is in many ways the hub of community life within Kirkwall and Orkney.   It is the focal point for many civic services, such as Remembrance Sunday, Battle of Britain Sunday, School Carol Services, Arts and Science Festival services and many others.  The congregation is very aware of its responsibility to ensure that the people of Orkney, to whom the Cathedral belongs, have opportunities to make use of the building in as wide a variety of ways as possible.

The Cathedral, with its amazing acoustics, is a very popular venue for musical concerts and recitals, recordings, lectures and drama productions.  It is a major venue for the world renowned St Magnus Arts Festival, held around midsummer.

During the summer months the Cathedral welcomes many tourists and visitors.   Tours of the upper parts of the Cathedral are available through the Custodian service.   The Cathedral community seeks to be involved in local life and offers hospitality through the St Magnus Centre to locals and visitors alike.