St. Magnus Cathedral - Congregational Information

Whether you come from north or south, east or west, whether you live here or are a visitor, are here for the first time, or are here regularly.. you are welcome to our worship.

The worshipping community over the centuries has been part of the Roman Catholic Church, the Norwegian Church, the Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Church of Scotland {Presbyterian}. The worshipping community thus inherits an ecumenical tradition and in our day and generation worshippers come from a whole host of denominational backgrounds [and none] to worship.

Our worship style may best be described as ‘contemporary liturgical’ seeking to use contemporary language and images in an inclusive way through metaphor and story. The involvement of others each week in the leading of worship, with a printed order of service, is essential. Colour, symbols, candles, inclusive language and story, all help to shape the worship experience.
In a fast changing world and church, Cathedral worship aims to help us know and feel how we relate as individuals to ourselves, others, and to the world. To celebrate that relationship and to celebrate of whole of life, in the continuing, creative presence of the sacred we call God.St. Magnus Cathedral

Morning Worship is held in the Cathedral each Sunday at 11.15am. During school terms, the Sunday Club also meets in the St Magnus Centre and shares in the latter part of the Service. Tea and Coffee are served at the west end of the Cathedral after the Service, to which visitors are especially welcome.

The following facilities are also provided each Sunday at the Service:


We have an open Table at Communion services. Everyone is welcome to share in the Sacrament and this includes children.


The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated on occasions suitable to the family concerned. The Minister is very happy to discuss the baptism of children with any parents who would like to explore the subject.
It is also possible to arrange to have a Service of Blessing for a child at which no promises are required to be made in the way required at baptism.


The Cathedral is very popular as a venue for Christian marriage. If you would like to be married in the Cathedral, it is very important that interested parties contact the Minister before deciding on a date, in order to ascertain the availability of the Cathedral. In the first instance you will be sent a ‘Cathedral Wedding Guide’ which lays out what we can offer.


There are many opportunities for people to become involved in the life of the Cathedral in addition to worship. Good fellowship can be found in the Pastoral Group, the Sunday Club and Creche, the Friendship Group and the Guild. You may like to become involved in greeting visitors by volunteering at the St Magnus Centre in the summer months. We would also welcome you as a Bell Ringer or as a deliverer of the Cathedral magazine or a collector for Christian Aid.