St Magnus CathedralThe Society of the Friends of St Magnus Cathedral was formed in 1958 when it became apparent that additional funds would be required for the long term maintenance and development of the Cathedral. 

The objective of the Society was the support of any project connected with, or incidental to, the care and improvement of the Cathedral and its furnishings, together with the raising of funds for these purposes.  All this was to be done in association with the Local Authority, at that time Kirkwall Town Council (now Orkney Islands Council {OIC}).  The then Provost James Scott was appointed Chairman of the Society and Cathedral Minister the Revd John Rose vice chairman. 
A Council of Members was set up to manage the affairs of the Society and its membership comprises representatives of the OIC, the Cathedral congregation, and four other independent members.

The Society devoted itself to the raising of the funds required for the necessary maintenance and development of the Cathedral and up to 2011 has contributed nearly £2 million towards Cathedral Projects.